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Safety Tips for Online Shopping

I never fail to amaze people when it comes to my practice of e-commerce. I buy almost everything online and I transact online without fear. I purchase clothes, groceries, tickets, services, takeaway food including special cakes, stocks and investments ALL online. Sometimes, it worries me na nga eh, how heavily I rely on our e-commerce…… Continue reading Safety Tips for Online Shopping

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♥ Some Clever Ways of Saving Money ♥

Howdy! It’s been a while since I last made a post about everybody’s favorite topic, #MoneyBliss. Honestly, I’m having a hard time writing one. After all, I’m not a financial guru and I myself struggle with the rising prices of commodities around us! Also, I am being asked by people of one question alone even…… Continue reading ♥ Some Clever Ways of Saving Money ♥

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♥ Multi-purpose Products You Would Want to Have ♥

As I grew older but wiser, I have refrained from sharing too much of product stories which I either bought or was given to. I’ve become picky about what products to share here. Very different from before when I used to blog almost every purchase I made. Now, only those I truly use and believe…… Continue reading ♥ Multi-purpose Products You Would Want to Have ♥

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♥ #MoneyBliss : How to Diversify Your Investments?

To say that my February is a busy month is an understatement. Work, especially the untargeted ones demanded my sweat and blood! Oh, anyway, it’s almost over! And, I’m still alive! (P.S. As of this writing two of my colleagues in their 40s and 50s are confined in hospitals due to hypertension. We figure it’s…… Continue reading ♥ #MoneyBliss : How to Diversify Your Investments?

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♥ #MoneyBliss : Money Mistakes I Vow to Correct This Year ♥

It’s been a while since I last posted about #MoneyBliss. Well, financial life hasn’t been a bliss last year. As I admitted here on my blog, 2017 was an expensive year for me and my family. Thankfully, we’ve managed to weather the financial storms and we’re okay still. But, I’m not the type who gets…… Continue reading ♥ #MoneyBliss : Money Mistakes I Vow to Correct This Year ♥

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♥ Thank you for reading my #MoneyBliss posts! ♥

Surprisingly, my Top Posts (look at the right widgets if you’re using a desktop, look at the bottom widgets if you’re using mobile) are mostly about my #MoneyBliss posts. The two posts which are consistently being on the Top List or most clicked/read are the ones I wrote about “Maximizing PAG-IBIG Fund Membership”, which by…… Continue reading ♥ Thank you for reading my #MoneyBliss posts! ♥

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♥ #MoneyBliss : Easy Investments for Beginners ♥

  One wonderful effect motherhood had on me is that I became wiser when it comes to my/our finances. Having grown in a family of limited resources and having an education sponsored by my sisters, I’ve always been a good steward of money (I believe so!) with just occasional set-backs, a.k.a splurging whenever self-pity sets…… Continue reading ♥ #MoneyBliss : Easy Investments for Beginners ♥