Blissful Hearts

Young Love Kilig Over Netflix’ The Kissing Booth

Are we moms and wifeys allowed to get kilig that doesn’t involve our partners? 😊 Okay, before you think of anything outrageous about me and in case the hubby lands on this post, I’m not referring to any guy I know. I got so kilig with this film on Netflix I happened to watch a…… Continue reading Young Love Kilig Over Netflix’ The Kissing Booth


♥ Hollywood Homicide ♥

A 6-year-old movie of veteran Harrison Ford and fast-rising (at that time I could imagine) cutie rookie Josh Hartnett. At first, the movie having the word “Hollywood” in its title plus a power-cast, really caught my interest and made me imagine how action-packed and mind-juggling it is. I was wrong. Yes, there were action scenes,…… Continue reading ♥ Hollywood Homicide ♥


♥ License To Wed ♥

I had a superb dinner today, fish (flounder) + rice + tomatoes w/egg + choco muffin (for desert). After the yummy supper, we watched the movie “License to Wed”. I like Mandy Moore’s movies, even the like-a-copy-cat flick A Walk to Remember, but there is something in “License to Wed” which irritates me & makes…… Continue reading ♥ License To Wed ♥


♥ Revenge NOT ♥

I LOVE Johnny Depp! For me, he’s one of the best character actors. His eyes are oh so charming & could speak a thousand and one words. Okay, enough of my admiration of Johnny. Yesternight I stayed up very late just to watch “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” which starred my Johnny.…… Continue reading ♥ Revenge NOT ♥