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#InMy30s A Mom’s Birthday Reflection

Seven years ago, I named this blog Blissful Thoughts out of my wedding bliss. While most of my posts (especially the recent ones) were essentially blissful, there were still some which weren’t. That’s life if you’d ask me, in its authentic picture, with all its pain and glory. Not everything and not every day is…… Continue reading #InMy30s A Mom’s Birthday Reflection

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♥ Happy Birthday Post: My Most Valuable Gift: My Love, My Husband ♥

An attitude of Gratitude: That is one values I aim to be cultivated this year. While my blog posts about it stopped last June, I don’t and never will cease from being grateful for every blessing, big and small, that come our way especially this year. Just like what I told my husband; so much…… Continue reading ♥ Happy Birthday Post: My Most Valuable Gift: My Love, My Husband ♥

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♥ What Shall I Do for My Birthday? ♥

I am feeling a bit under the weather lately. Birthday blues, perhaps? Or, maybe I am just hormonal. Or, could be both! Because of this “feeling”, I am doing a little Internet research about how can I balance my hormones the natural way, especially by using essential oils. The other day, I had a terrible…… Continue reading ♥ What Shall I Do for My Birthday? ♥

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♥ Why celebrate birthdays? ♥

The day I get panicky has arrived! It’s today, December 01. I get panic over overlapping schedule of activities this December. I get panic over year-end work. I get panic over completing the family’s gift list. I get panic over the sky-high expenses and credit card bills! hehe This year I also get panic over…… Continue reading ♥ Why celebrate birthdays? ♥