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♥ Thank you, 2017! We’ll Make It Happen, 2018! ♥

The year that was (well, almost) was a perfect combination of ups and downs, a perfect blend of sugar and spice, and a perfect mix of tests and triumphs. Not that I forget what I have been blessed with this 2017 but for everything I’m grateful for, please click this link, a collection of my…… Continue reading ♥ Thank you, 2017! We’ll Make It Happen, 2018! ♥

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♥ Mommy Confession : I want a Guilt-free Happiness ♥

If there is one thing I wish for every mama like me it would be the gift of a guilt-free happiness with or without (but, especially without) their kids. A couple of nights ago, I’ve gone out to two Christmas parties in a week. The first one is a must plus I won some grand…… Continue reading ♥ Mommy Confession : I want a Guilt-free Happiness ♥

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♥ Happy Birthday Post: My Most Valuable Gift: My Love, My Husband ♥

An attitude of Gratitude: That is one values I aim to be cultivated this year. While my blog posts about it stopped last June, I don’t and never will cease from being grateful for every blessing, big and small, that come our way especially this year. Just like what I told my husband; so much…… Continue reading ♥ Happy Birthday Post: My Most Valuable Gift: My Love, My Husband ♥

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♥ God is a Generous God ♥

You can never outgive God. I firmly believe in that. That’s why I am sometimes in wonder how come I still worry about provisions. Worrying. One thing I hate about motherhood is that it gave me brand-new all-intense fears and turned me into a worry-rat. But, faith tells me to trust God’s promises. He promises…… Continue reading ♥ God is a Generous God ♥

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♥ What Shall I Do for My Birthday? ♥

I am feeling a bit under the weather lately. Birthday blues, perhaps? Or, maybe I am just hormonal. Or, could be both! Because of this “feeling”, I am doing a little Internet research about how can I balance my hormones the natural way, especially by using essential oils. The other day, I had a terrible…… Continue reading ♥ What Shall I Do for My Birthday? ♥

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♥ Anne Curtis’ Wedding Makes Me Nostalgic ♥

I rarely get interested in celebrity weddings. But, I found myself smitten over the New Zealand wedding of actress Anne Curtis to her long-time boyfriend, chef and vlogger, Erwan Heusaff. From the pictures and videos uploaded in social media which I happen to take a look at, it was a fun and beautiful intimate destination…… Continue reading ♥ Anne Curtis’ Wedding Makes Me Nostalgic ♥

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♥ #BlissfulHomes : Functional and Kid-friendly Home ♥

It’s past 11 PM. We would be returning to Manila in less than eight hours. Five whole straight days spent with the mister and the kids. Wow! Undoubtedly exhausting but unbelievably blissful too. I don’t know how is that possible. Thank You, dear God for this blessing. In my heart, I silently wish that this…… Continue reading ♥ #BlissfulHomes : Functional and Kid-friendly Home ♥

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♥ #BlissfulFinds : Keeping My Children Healthy ♥

I was reviewing our finances the other day and I wondered how come we spent too much this year. Well, I did give birth to our beautiful daughter, baby V. After that, we spent for her baptismal celebration. And, although she has been given generously with monetary gifts or “pakimkim”, I saved them intact in…… Continue reading ♥ #BlissfulFinds : Keeping My Children Healthy ♥

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♥ Bye, Bye, Bags! ♥

After three children in a span of six years, my body and style, or rather preferences, because I really do not have a style (yet) have drastically changed. Along with my new mom bod is the need to accept that there is no going back to my pre-pregnancy body, not anytime soon at least. So,…… Continue reading ♥ Bye, Bye, Bags! ♥

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♥ The Last Things Mommies Need ♥

Mom life is a tough life. Aside from physical exhaustion and sleep deprivation (when you still have a toddler, I guess), the emotional burden of always feeling inadequate as a parent to your kids is overwhelming. If only the world is kinder where people reserve their judgments, respect differences and tolerate others’ preferences, then mom…… Continue reading ♥ The Last Things Mommies Need ♥