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♥ Flying Safe ♥

Last year, I had a blast when it comes to travel and I had the luxury to do it with planes. The lucky break continued this year. As a matter of fact, I had this year my very first international flight. So far, I’m happy because I’ve confirmed that I have no fear of flying.…

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♥ Travel After Childbirth ♥

One of my favorite things to see and browse on my Facebook Newsfeed are family travel photos, especially those with children the same age as mine. Sometimes, I do get envy but more importantly, I guess is that they inspire me to take my kids out in the world for adventures and explorations, with us,…… Continue reading ♥ Travel After Childbirth ♥

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♥ Blissful Moms: Meet ‘Kulisap’, Our L’il Travel Buddy ♥

 Our Little Travel Buddy at NAIA Terminal 2. Meet ‘kulisap’! The first time the mister and I tagged along our son (then 8 months old) for an out-of-town trip, we had AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. At first, I was so nervous and worried. What if he cries the entire flight? What if he won’t…… Continue reading ♥ Blissful Moms: Meet ‘Kulisap’, Our L’il Travel Buddy ♥

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♥ In #TravelBliss: Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur Itinerary & Budget ♥

As promised yesterday, here’s my total budget for our Ilocos Trip. Remember that we were only a group of five (5). Surely, you’ll get a lower share of the bills when you have more companions. Also, I’ve attached my itinerary on my first visit to Ilocos which was in the year 2009. I highlighted the…… Continue reading ♥ In #TravelBliss: Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur Itinerary & Budget ♥

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♥ Christmas Wishes with Full Gratitude CY 2011 ♥

I did not grow up with wish lists or Santa Claus. All I remember during my childhood days is a tiny and almost bald green Christmas tree with small balls and bells hanging, a small star, defective lights and some garland. It did not have lots of gifts too. There was this Christmas when my…… Continue reading ♥ Christmas Wishes with Full Gratitude CY 2011 ♥

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♥ Sonya’s Garden: A perfect place to be! ♥

I can no longer count how many times I’ve dreamt of going to this infamous haven in Tagaytay. For some reason, (maybe our lack of private car) we have never been there no matter how many times we already visited the place for that much-needed quick coolness away from Manila. Every time I search for…… Continue reading ♥ Sonya’s Garden: A perfect place to be! ♥

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♥ Bicol P1: Donsol’s Butandings & Fireflies ♥

Our flight reached Legazpi, Albay [from Manila] at around 12 noon. My partner and I decided to take our lunch at the airport canteen. We ordered what our friends say “must-try airport tapa” but unfortunately it was no longer available. (must’ve been really yummy!) We just landed on our second choice, Porksilog for 100 pesos…… Continue reading ♥ Bicol P1: Donsol’s Butandings & Fireflies ♥

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♥ What’s your Valentine? ♥

It has been my small tradition to spend the so-called V-Day on an out-of-town trip. Two years ago I was in Davao and then last year I was in Ilocos. For this year, aside from celebrating the Love Day, my hubby and I are also celebrating our first month as a wedded couple. 🙂 We…… Continue reading ♥ What’s your Valentine? ♥

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♥ BicoLandia Teaser ♥

In 5 days time, welcome me Bicol!.I’ve been the busiest bee before and after I got married. That’s why a honeymoon was not a priority after The Big Day Plunge. We just had a sleep-over in Tagaytay and savored its famoso bulalo and very cold weather. Since, I kinda want to keep my tradition of…… Continue reading ♥ BicoLandia Teaser ♥

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♥ My Perfect Hideaway: Anawangin ♥

This is way too late but I so want to write about it and share it here simply because it’s one of my personal experiences that gave me so much joy, the closest thing to a BLISS. Bliss, which I have never felt for so long. I will certainly treasure this one for the rest…… Continue reading ♥ My Perfect Hideaway: Anawangin ♥