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Water Coloured Events by Hotel H2O

This post is brought to you by Hotel H2O. This March, Hotel H2O together with The Manila Ocean Park starts offering its Water Coloured Events packages which boast with unique inclusions and stronger menu line-up that will certainly colour your life’s celebrations, making it more attractive and competitive as a life event destination. I was…… Continue reading Water Coloured Events by Hotel H2O

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PUP: From Military Tenement to Employers’ Top Choice!

It’s been a couple of days already since this topic trended and was even featured in the primetime news in TV: . Said news has also circulated in every top newspaper in the Philippines and has been posted and re-posted several times in the social media. But, did you know that PUP was…… Continue reading PUP: From Military Tenement to Employers’ Top Choice!

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This post is brought to you by Betadine Feminine Wash Just this year, I had a terrible yeast infection on my intimate area which, as per my OB, was the side-effect or complication from my Antibiotics intake. (I took the antibiotics for my cough a week prior to the manifestation of yeast infection symptoms.) No,…… Continue reading #IDoItTwiceAWeek

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♥ Night With The Phantom ♥

An impromptu ‘date’ one Friday also slashed one item from my bucket list! – To watch another classic musical play!The most applauded with matching standing ovation scene! (via GMA News FB)Fortunately, I was able to watch Miss Saigon when it first came to our country casting no less than the stellar Ms. Lea Salonga some…… Continue reading ♥ Night With The Phantom ♥

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Crazy Rainy Season 2012

The sun has been peeping slightly in the skies for 2 days already. Oh, thank God! I miss wearing shades, don’t we all do?My one and only mission for this post is: De-clutter my never-been-this-restless mind and body. I as well encourage everyone to find their own outlets because what we experienced lately especially here…… Continue reading Crazy Rainy Season 2012

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♥ Happy Feet vs. Height is Might ♥

I know how much ladies are willing to sacrifice and endure just to look chic, sexy and outstanding by wearing ‘killer heels’ or ‘f*uck-me-shoes’. More than ‘height’ reasons it’s really about the posture and shape heels give a woman’s body. We sacrifice having varicose veins, corns and blisters. We endure leg and toe cramps, muscle…… Continue reading ♥ Happy Feet vs. Height is Might ♥

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♥ Defining Red Days ♥

viaWhen my husband and I were still in a boyfriend-girlfriend stage, he had seen me in my messiest, moodiest, biggest appetite and probably ugliest red days (graphically: pre-menstrual days!). I’m indeed a lucky girl for having such a wonderful partner. We never imagined that he and I would discover more about my red days since…… Continue reading ♥ Defining Red Days ♥

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♥ Hey world! It’s fun in the Philippines! No ‘more’, no less. ♥

under opinionI tried to brush aside my thoughts regarding the new Tourism slogan of DOT which is “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” with an approved budget contract of around 5.5M pesos according to one of the agency’s Assistant Secretaries. The winning bidder by the way is BBDO Guerrero Proximity Philippines ad agency. My dislike…… Continue reading ♥ Hey world! It’s fun in the Philippines! No ‘more’, no less. ♥

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♥ Christmas Wishes with Full Gratitude CY 2011 ♥

I did not grow up with wish lists or Santa Claus. All I remember during my childhood days is a tiny and almost bald green Christmas tree with small balls and bells hanging, a small star, defective lights and some garland. It did not have lots of gifts too. There was this Christmas when my…… Continue reading ♥ Christmas Wishes with Full Gratitude CY 2011 ♥

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♥ Shoes for the Good Congressman ♥

under opinionIf you want to know more about Epifanio Delos Santos of EDSA, click here! :)Understanding Cong. Relampagos:One. Maybe he’s just a FAN of C. Aquino just as I am a FAN of Spongebob.Two. Perhaps, he’s good into multi-tasking that he was able to squeeze into his very busy schedule the EDSA-turn-to-CORY resolution.Three. He hates…… Continue reading ♥ Shoes for the Good Congressman ♥