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♥ What Will Your Doctor Ask About Your Sick Child? ♥

  Rainy season is here!  Flu season is here, too! Huhu. We just had our flu shots so we can be better protected. However, Jonath was not spared. Thankfully, his condition was not severe because of his vaccine last year is in the works. Even if he was not very ill we still decided to…… Continue reading ♥ What Will Your Doctor Ask About Your Sick Child? ♥

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♥ Stress-busters for Children ♥

My faith in humanity is restored by the eighteen-day epic rescue mission of the twelve members of Thailand’s Wild Boars soccer team whose ages range from eleven to sixteen and their twenty-five-year-old coach Ekkapol Ake Chantawong. They were trapped in Tham Luang Nang cave complex on June 23 when the exits were blocked by floodwaters.…… Continue reading ♥ Stress-busters for Children ♥

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♥ When Your Child Makes a Big Mistake ♥

I was appalled by last night’s epic basketball brawl between Gilas Pilipinas (host) and Australian Boomers. It all started with the offensive foul by Pogoy (Filipino player) on Goulding (Australian player) which Kickert (another Australian player) saw, prompting him to hit Pogoy on the face (or was that his jaw?). The rest, they say is…… Continue reading ♥ When Your Child Makes a Big Mistake ♥

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♥ House Rules on Children’s Gadget Use ♥

My two school kids have breezily become more technology savvy than I am. The truth is that we never deprived them of gadget use but between me and their father, he is the more tolerant while I, the mother, regulate. To be honest, I am guilty of turning to gadgets for help when it comes…… Continue reading ♥ House Rules on Children’s Gadget Use ♥

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Let’s Talk About the Mental Health of Our Children

Most of us were shocked and still in disbelief of what has been in the news weeks ago about the deaths of two prominent personalities, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. God bless their souls. Kate Spade is, as you and I know, the woman behind the Kate Spade fashion brand which bags are adored for…… Continue reading Let’s Talk About the Mental Health of Our Children

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♥ Back-to-School Splurge Checklist ♥

For most of us, vacation has finally come to an end. June starts, school starts, additional tasks start (i.e. making baon, doing homework, school activities) and gastos starts. When I was a student, I was always excited about the opening of classes. It meant the end of doing house chores. It meant seeing my friends…… Continue reading ♥ Back-to-School Splurge Checklist ♥

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♥ What I Learned from my Children ♥

They say that in life, experience is the best teacher. And, I agree. So far, my experience being a mother is the richest source of my knowledge, skills, and wisdom. Now, let me introduce to you the cutest and most fantastic learning instruments I could ever hope for. . This is Jonath, my first born…… Continue reading ♥ What I Learned from my Children ♥

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♥ Dreams for My Children ♥

As parents, my husband and I have big dreams for our kids, not specific though. We are resolved to support our children in whatever they want to pursue in life, whatever makes them happy, for as long as it is not illegal and not hurting them or other people. Part of our dreams is for…… Continue reading ♥ Dreams for My Children ♥

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♥ Anne Curtis’ Wedding Makes Me Nostalgic ♥

I rarely get interested in celebrity weddings. But, I found myself smitten over the New Zealand wedding of actress Anne Curtis to her long-time boyfriend, chef and vlogger, Erwan Heusaff. From the pictures and videos uploaded in social media which I happen to take a look at, it was a fun and beautiful intimate destination…… Continue reading ♥ Anne Curtis’ Wedding Makes Me Nostalgic ♥

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♥ #BlissfulHomes : Functional and Kid-friendly Home ♥

It’s past 11 PM. We would be returning to Manila in less than eight hours. Five whole straight days spent with the mister and the kids. Wow! Undoubtedly exhausting but unbelievably blissful too. I don’t know how is that possible. Thank You, dear God, for this blessing. In my heart, I silently wish that this…… Continue reading ♥ #BlissfulHomes : Functional and Kid-friendly Home ♥