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♥ Happy Birthday Post: My Most Valuable Gift: My Love, My Husband ♥

An attitude of Gratitude: That is one values I aim to be cultivated this year. While my blog posts about it stopped last June, I don’t and never will cease from being grateful for every blessing, big and small, that come our way especially this year. Just like what I told my husband; so much…… Continue reading ♥ Happy Birthday Post: My Most Valuable Gift: My Love, My Husband ♥

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♥ 4 Marriage-Breakers ♥

In a couple of months from now, my marriage will reach yet another milestone. The mister and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it has already been five years since the day we exchanged vows and promised each other our forever in front of our friends, families and of course God. The last anniversary…… Continue reading ♥ 4 Marriage-Breakers ♥

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♥ Honoring Priorities ♥

  The last time the mister and I had a quality time together was sometime in January, in celebration of our wedding anniversary. For 2 months I have been bugging him to set a day off when we could just relax and catch up with each other. The unfortunate part is that both of us…… Continue reading ♥ Honoring Priorities ♥

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♥ Throwback 2009 ♥

They say that the best foundation of a relationship is friendship. It may be conventional and even be considered as boring and unromantic as compared to love-at-first-sights, May-December love affairs, whirlwind romances and you-and-me against the world kind of thing but starting out as friends is for me, still the best. . But to those whose relationships…… Continue reading ♥ Throwback 2009 ♥

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♥ I know for sure… about MARRIAGE ♥

VIA I’ve been married for 2 years, 2 months. I know it’s not much especially as compared to those of others but it’s amazing and even surprising that in just a matter of 26 months, there are things that I already know for sure about marriage. Example, I know for sure that love may be…… Continue reading ♥ I know for sure… about MARRIAGE ♥

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♥ What’s your Valentine? ♥

It has been my small tradition to spend the so-called V-Day on an out-of-town trip. Two years ago I was in Davao and then last year I was in Ilocos. For this year, aside from celebrating the Love Day, my hubby and I are also celebrating our first month as a wedded couple. 🙂 We…… Continue reading ♥ What’s your Valentine? ♥