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♥ Things to Know Before Saying “I DO” ♥

Meeting my Mr. Right is one of the best things that happened in my life. Marrying him is the best favor I did for myself. For these blessings, I only have God to be grateful for. While I honestly believe that love at first sight stories, zero courtships, and short engagements can actually lead to…… Continue reading ♥ Things to Know Before Saying “I DO” ♥

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♥ #MarriageBliss :Marriage vs Parenting ♥

“I just woke up one day and I knew. What I was never sure of with (you) anyone else.” – 500 Days of Summer from This is my most favorite movie line ever! It perfectly describes how I felt and still feel for my husband and exactly why I married him 6 years ago. I…… Continue reading ♥ #MarriageBliss :Marriage vs Parenting ♥

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Gadgets for Movie Lovers with Kids

When it comes to movies, my husband and I are 100% compatible. It’s one interest we honestly, gladly and totally share with each other. As GF and BF, we would spend nights (over calls and text) discussing movies and days reading reviews, ratings and goofs! We’re on the same wavelength when it comes to movies. We would…… Continue reading Gadgets for Movie Lovers with Kids

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♥ The Good Wife ♥

In this post, please don’t expect an answer to the question “How to be a good wife?” because that is a question I try to look answers for. :)Last night I asked my husband how he thinks of me as a mom. He said that I certainly pass as a mom with flying colors pa except…… Continue reading ♥ The Good Wife ♥

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♥ #MarriageBliss: Why I believe in marriage (sacred union)? ♥

I seldom write about marriage, well, my marriage. Not because I am keeping it very private or because our marriage is on the rocks. It’s just that being married for only 5 years (this month we’re celebrating our anniversary!), I feel like I’m not yet eligible to be talking about a blissful married life baka hindi…… Continue reading ♥ #MarriageBliss: Why I believe in marriage (sacred union)? ♥

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♥ 4 Marriage-Breakers ♥

In a couple of months from now, my marriage will reach yet another milestone. The mister and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it has already been five years since the day we exchanged vows and promised each other our forever in front of our friends, families and of course God. The last anniversary…… Continue reading ♥ 4 Marriage-Breakers ♥

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♥ What’s your Valentine? ♥

It has been my small tradition to spend the so-called V-Day on an out-of-town trip. Two years ago I was in Davao and then last year I was in Ilocos. For this year, aside from celebrating the Love Day, my hubby and I are also celebrating our first month as a wedded couple. 🙂 We…… Continue reading ♥ What’s your Valentine? ♥