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♥ Leftover Makeover ♥

Like most homemakers, I treasure the time I spend in our kitchen, whether I’m merely cleaning the countertops or I’m cooking a delicious dish. I love baking too! Back in my singlehood, I did a lot of baking. I still tried to bake when I had my firstborn but when I had my second child,…… Continue reading ♥ Leftover Makeover ♥

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♥ Sourcing Food Products at Food Shows ♥

Last month, Super 8 Grocery held a Funfest at the WTC in Pasay City. My husband and I, as patrons, were invited. Unfortunately, we had other activities on those days. I heard and read that it was a fun day with lots of raffle prizes, wholesale deals, and entertainment. (Read more about it in the…… Continue reading ♥ Sourcing Food Products at Food Shows ♥

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♥ Hypertension After The Third Pregnancy ♥

After giving birth for the third time, I began having frequent headaches and dizziness. So, I borrowed my parents’ wrist watch blood pressure and voila! 145/100 I am officially hypertensive. Okay, not so quick. The next workday, I consulted our occupational doctor. According to the good doctor, being hypertensive is common after the third pregnancy…… Continue reading ♥ Hypertension After The Third Pregnancy ♥

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♥ #MamaFinds : Vitamins and Medicines My Family Takes ♥

Christmas is the season to be jolly and DEFINITELY not to be sick! However, this merry season happens to be the time of our year when the temperature drops and as it occurs, many people can easily get sick. In order to protect my family from sickness which can, in turn, spoil this joyful season,…… Continue reading ♥ #MamaFinds : Vitamins and Medicines My Family Takes ♥

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♥ Food Bliss: Magnolia Flavor House ♥

The mister and I happened to pass by Robinson’s Mall in Las Pinas and since that was around lunchtime, we decided to look for a restaurant wherein we could stand-by and eat. From time to time we like to try restaurants which are new to us so we end up at a cute-looking Magnolia Flavor…… Continue reading ♥ Food Bliss: Magnolia Flavor House ♥

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#TummyBliss : Blending and Juicing

At first, I was confused. And prior to confusion, I thought that juicing and blending was just the same thing, so I did not bother buying a juicer until the “Juicing Vegetable” was introduced to me by my godmother-by-marriage. Instantly, it got my attention and interest. To think, everyone strives for a good health. I…… Continue reading #TummyBliss : Blending and Juicing

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♥ Happy Bellies: Bakeshop Hopping ♥

My last entree on this blog sounded so serious so I figured that my tiny island on the net deserves a happy post’ after all, it ought to be a happy place.Lately I’ve been having crazy cravings for delicious breads. Not just sweet breads or foods like doughnuts and cakes but those which are flavorful…… Continue reading ♥ Happy Bellies: Bakeshop Hopping ♥

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♥ Boss’ Farewell Lunch @ Dampa, Seaside Macapagal ♥

This is the best part of good-byes, celebrations whether a full-length dinner with videoke, over the weekend OOT or a simple and quick heart-felt lunch. Just exactly what we did for our boss (err, former boss as of this writing). After 23 years in the service she finally grabbed a life-changing opportunity which makes us…… Continue reading ♥ Boss’ Farewell Lunch @ Dampa, Seaside Macapagal ♥

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♥ Sonya’s Garden: A perfect place to be! ♥

I can no longer count how many times I’ve dreamt of going to this infamous haven in Tagaytay. For some reason, (maybe our lack of private car) we have never been there no matter how many times we already visited the place for that much-needed quick coolness away from Manila. Every time I search for…… Continue reading ♥ Sonya’s Garden: A perfect place to be! ♥

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♥ Writeshop @ Century Park Hotel ♥

I once told a friend that every plan for a re-organization has its own issues of discomfort, fear and agony. And sorry to say this but IMO, no HR Specialist has ever been a success in the matter of pacifying an organization undergoing a big structural change. It’s definitely a tough job because at the…… Continue reading ♥ Writeshop @ Century Park Hotel ♥