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♥ #BlissfulFinds TACTICAL ASIA: The Survival Shop ♥

Part two of my “How Prepared Are You For a Disaster?” post. As promised, this is the part 2 of my previous Disaster Preparedness post. Of all the topics I said I’ll write about soon or next, this is one of the few that actually materialized and only one that is posted immediately right after…… Continue reading ♥ #BlissfulFinds TACTICAL ASIA: The Survival Shop ♥

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♥ My Itchy Pregnancy ♥

They say that each pregnancy is a unique journey. And, I believe that 100%. During my first trimester, I was absolutely certain that I was having a baby boy because I had exactly the same symptoms as when I was pregnant with my first born, Jonath. I was so lazy to wake up every morning…… Continue reading ♥ My Itchy Pregnancy ♥

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♥ All-New Cetaphil Baby ♥

As mothers, we only want the best for our babies, right mommies? From head to toe, inside and out, we want to give them the best care there is. One of the very first products we need to buy for our babies are bath products. Soap and shampoo or better yet an all-around wash (head-to-toe,…… Continue reading ♥ All-New Cetaphil Baby ♥


♥ Collagen Wonders ♥

One thing I’m thankful for about my parents’ genes, especially my mom’s is my skin’s resistance to pimples/acne. It was never my big problem even during puberty. I only get zits whenever I’m stressed or hormonal but only very minimal. Although very minimal,  I still find it hard to concentrate on what I’m doing whenever…… Continue reading ♥ Collagen Wonders ♥


♥ Beauty Bliss: Sample Room’s Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm Primer ♥ (Product Review);

My face tends to become an oil mine whenever I put creams such as B.B. creams and liquid foundations especially ‘mineral foundations’. That’s why no matter how I love the matte finish some creams give my skin (right after application), I always think twice before I apply them, making sure that I’ll be indoor most…… Continue reading ♥ Beauty Bliss: Sample Room’s Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm Primer ♥ (Product Review);

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♥ Buntis (Pregnancy) Essentials ♥

I’m almost in the homestretch of my nine-month journey! Hooray for me & my baby boy! And since this is my first pregnancy, I’ve discovered so much for the first time as well.  It’s a fun ride, really! And based on my experience, the following are the buntis or pregnancy essentials for mothers-to-be like me:…… Continue reading ♥ Buntis (Pregnancy) Essentials ♥

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♥ Happy Feet vs. Height is Might ♥

I know how much ladies are willing to sacrifice and endure just to look chic, sexy and outstanding by wearing ‘killer heels’ or ‘f*uck-me-shoes’. More than ‘height’ reasons it’s really about the posture and shape heels give a woman’s body. We sacrifice having varicose veins, corns and blisters. We endure leg and toe cramps, muscle…… Continue reading ♥ Happy Feet vs. Height is Might ♥

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♥ The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent ♥

Spending is something inevitable in life. Drawing the line between what is enough and what is excessive is no easy feat either. Oftentimes, its easier not to buy the stuff we need than not to buy the stuff we want. Fact is, I’m a constant and sometimes ‘a very willing’ prey of the monster – Impulsive Shopping,…… Continue reading ♥ The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent ♥

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♥ Hot Deals on a Manic Monday ♥

Before I leave my cocoon in the office, I just feel like it’s my duty to spread these goodie-goodie deals that I found on my Inbox this morning. A shoe, a beauty treatment and a book. Isn’t it nice to live and just be kind and happy!? And it’s a bonus being a WOMAN. ;)The…… Continue reading ♥ Hot Deals on a Manic Monday ♥

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♥ EventLicious: BDJ 2011 Launch & Rockwell Bazaar ♥

I’m no social butterfly but I like spreading good and meaningful social events like these two. ;)Bellas, it’s time  again! Let us celebrate girly-hood. :)I do love the cover for their 2011 planner. Can’t wait to grab one!.Holiday Season is just around the corner! Early shopping can never be BAD or BORING. So what are…… Continue reading ♥ EventLicious: BDJ 2011 Launch & Rockwell Bazaar ♥