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♥ All About Engagement Rings ♥

Engagements, nowadays, are big deals calling for huge celebrations and not to mention, expensive. I think that some engagement announcements or parties can already cost a wedding. Some hire photographers and videographers. Some even like it with a photoshoot. While others enlist help from not just friends and families but also strangers. Some do it…… Continue reading ♥ All About Engagement Rings ♥

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♥ #BlissfulFinds : Keeping My Children Healthy ♥

I was reviewing our finances the other day and I wondered how come we spent too much this year. Well, I did give birth to our beautiful daughter, baby V. After that, we spent for her baptismal celebration. And, although she has been given generously with monetary gifts or “pakimkim”, I saved them intact in…… Continue reading ♥ #BlissfulFinds : Keeping My Children Healthy ♥

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♥ Bye, Bye, Bags! ♥

After three children in a span of six years, my body, style, and preferences have drastically changed. Along with my new mom bod is the need to accept that there is no going back to my pre-pregnancy body, not anytime soon at least. So, I cried when I dug into my closet and finally let…… Continue reading ♥ Bye, Bye, Bags! ♥

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♥ #MamaFinds : Buying Food Online ♥

There are so many things I want to post here, like, my next #BlissfulGiveaways (a SaYa baby carrier which is being queried in my inactive online shop at least 3x a day), the rekindled craze for essential oils, the new Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) department order requiring “standing breaks” for sedentary workers (like…… Continue reading ♥ #MamaFinds : Buying Food Online ♥

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♥ Hypertension After The Third Pregnancy ♥

After giving birth for the third time, I began having frequent headaches and dizziness. So, I borrowed my parents’ wrist watch blood pressure and voila! 145/100 I am officially hypertensive. Okay, not so quick. The next workday, I consulted our occupational doctor. According to the good doctor, being hypertensive is common after the third pregnancy…… Continue reading ♥ Hypertension After The Third Pregnancy ♥

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♥ Thank you for reading my #MoneyBliss posts! ♥

Surprisingly, my Top Posts (look at the right widgets if you’re using a desktop, look at the bottom widgets if you’re using mobile) are mostly about my #MoneyBliss posts. The two posts which are consistently being on the Top List or most clicked/read are the ones I wrote about “Maximizing PAG-IBIG Fund Membership”, which by…… Continue reading ♥ Thank you for reading my #MoneyBliss posts! ♥

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♥ #BlissfulFinds TACTICAL ASIA: The Survival Shop ♥

Part two of my “How Prepared Are You For a Disaster?” post. As promised, this is the part 2 of my previous Disaster Preparedness post. Of all the topics I said I’ll write about soon or next, this is one of the few that actually materialized and only one that is posted immediately right after…… Continue reading ♥ #BlissfulFinds TACTICAL ASIA: The Survival Shop ♥

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♥ Must-have Jewelries for Women ♥

I have several items on my bucket and most involve adventures and travel, both of which are an impossibility if you are a mommy of three young children who are still under the age of five with no yaya/househelp. Well, that’s reality — my reality! And, that’s okay. I honestly believe that there is a…… Continue reading ♥ Must-have Jewelries for Women ♥

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♥ I Cried Over My CS Delivery ♥

It has been almost three weeks since I gave birth to baby Raine. Briefly, let me tell you how it happened. I took an early break from work starting Holy Monday so I won’t be stressed and in the hope of delaying giving birth at least until Easter Sunday, the day my OB would be…… Continue reading ♥ I Cried Over My CS Delivery ♥

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♥ Attitude of Gratitude: March Edition ♥

I want to keep my mini blog tradition of writing a monthly highlight of my gratitude list. For the month of March, which also marks the end of the first quarter of 2017, I am so grateful to have been blessed with the following: An essentially normal result of my third baby’s congenital scan. It…… Continue reading ♥ Attitude of Gratitude: March Edition ♥