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Capsule Wardrobe | Easy Ways to Transform Your Basics

Before my break from blogging, I was into Capsule Wardrobe and up until this point, I’m still very much at it and I honestly think I’ve reached over 90% of my target or ideal wardrobe. With the help of YourCloset, I can easily track down my progress and take a good look at my entire…… Continue reading Capsule Wardrobe | Easy Ways to Transform Your Basics

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#BlissfulKids | Art in Island Day

I took an almost three-month hiatus. To be honest, I wasn’t so busy with work. I just felt like I needed a little time for myself, off from social media, for my own well-being and mental health. I wasn’t active in FB or IG too. I missed writing, though. And, like always, writing or this…… Continue reading #BlissfulKids | Art in Island Day

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Capsule Wardrobe Goals | Personal Style Discovery

Vlogs on YouTube and Pinterest are keeping me up all night. I am currently drawn into capsule wardrobes, basic, classic, essential and timeless pieces of clothing. For the first time in my thirty-four years, I think I’m ready to dramatically curve my shopping habits for clothes, especially online. Along with the learning of the basics…… Continue reading Capsule Wardrobe Goals | Personal Style Discovery

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My Top 5 Essential Oil Recipes

I am an essential oil user. I diffuse them in the air. I mix them up to make blends for various purposes. These blends I get to inhale or apply on my skin/body. But, I don’t ingest them. I don’t mix them with my food or drinks. Right now, I source my essential oils locally.…… Continue reading My Top 5 Essential Oil Recipes

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Self-care Tips for Mommies

Today is MomDay! I really hope to be back to our regular programming. February was a busy month, not only for my daytime job but for my personal life as well. Thank you, God, for carrying me through. I could finally breathe a little more this March with kids’ school wrapping up and my work’s…… Continue reading Self-care Tips for Mommies

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Keeping Toys at the Minimum

Today is not the best day. My two children are sick. My eldest doesn’t have school today as well, in connection with the feast of Sto. Nino. So, we all stayed home. Masaya sana kung wala silang sakit. But, with them being sick, my stress and exhaustion multiply. They’re on medication naman na, so, I’m…… Continue reading Keeping Toys at the Minimum

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A Mama’s Beauty Arsenal

The holiday season is the perfect time to put on some make-up! After all, dinners, lunches, and parties seem to not end during the month of December! To look better in photos (which you will most likely be tagged in social media) and to hide your paleness, haggardness, and stress, putting on some makeup products…… Continue reading A Mama’s Beauty Arsenal

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How a Bee Saved the Holidays?

To set a little order in my humble e-home this 2019, I will (try to) set aside Mondays for topics about family life. Family life includes parenting tips and tricks, child issues, mommy hacks, mom finds, marital bliss and the joys and challenges of parenthood. For the pilot post, I want to share with you…… Continue reading How a Bee Saved the Holidays?

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Many Merry Gifts for Christmas

Gift-giving is one Christmas tradition everyone seems to look forward to. It doesn’t matter how much one’s budget is, or none at all, we all just like to give or share something with others especially with our loved ones. There were times during my childhood when my dad was in and out of work. But,…… Continue reading Many Merry Gifts for Christmas

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#TravelBliss | Prado Farms: The Perfect Place for a Quick Retreat

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1t9Y5C2fGc&t=114s If there is one thing in my pre-mamahood life that I terribly miss, it would be my travels, yes, even more than my pre-pregnancy body! I used to hoard airline tickets on sale, albeit local only. And every time I get stressed out, I would just open my drawer and see all these tickets…… Continue reading #TravelBliss | Prado Farms: The Perfect Place for a Quick Retreat