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#LessWasteJourney : Bamboo Cloth Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners Review

One thing I realized in my #LessWasteJourney is that things won’t happen overnight. It will be a continuous conscious effort for the first months or even years until it becomes an effortless habit and a lifestyle. I read a Bloomberg and a TED article which discuss how small the impact is of reducing or banning…… Continue reading #LessWasteJourney : Bamboo Cloth Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners Review

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♥ Vivalyte: The Electrolyte Drink for Children ♥

Last week was an awesome week of learning, momsies. I attended three seminars, two of them were for free. The two seminars I attended for free were about Digital Marketing and Facebook Marketing and they were given by Google Philippines and Facebook Asia and Pacific reps respectively. The other one is about my Accountancy profession.…… Continue reading ♥ Vivalyte: The Electrolyte Drink for Children ♥

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♥ Iron Supplement Your Kids Will Love ♥

After successfully finding a Vitamin C supplement that my children like taking by themselves (yep, without drama or pilitan), my next mommy quest is to find them an iron supplement that they will also like as much as they like their Vitamin C. I’m too tired na kasi from work most of the weekdays that’s…… Continue reading ♥ Iron Supplement Your Kids Will Love ♥

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♥ Back-to-School Splurge Checklist ♥

For most of us, vacation has finally come to an end. June starts, school starts, additional tasks start (i.e. making baon, doing homework, school activities) and gastos starts. When I was a student, I was always excited about the opening of classes. It meant the end of doing house chores. It meant seeing my friends…… Continue reading ♥ Back-to-School Splurge Checklist ♥

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♥ Sourcing Food Products at Food Shows ♥

Last month, Super 8 Grocery held a Funfest at the WTC in Pasay City. My husband and I, as patrons, were invited. Unfortunately, we had other activities on those days. I heard and read that it was a fun day with lots of raffle prizes, wholesale deals, and entertainment. (Read more about it in the…… Continue reading ♥ Sourcing Food Products at Food Shows ♥

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♥ Multi-purpose Products You Would Want to Have ♥

As I grew older but wiser, I have refrained from sharing too much of product stories which I either bought or was given to. I’ve become picky about what products to share here. Very different from before when I used to blog almost every purchase I made. Now, only those I truly use and believe…… Continue reading ♥ Multi-purpose Products You Would Want to Have ♥

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♥ All About Engagement Rings ♥

Engagements, nowadays, are big deals calling for huge celebrations and not to mention, expensive. I think that some engagement announcements or parties can already cost a wedding. Some hire photographers and videographers. Some even like it with a photoshoot. While others enlist help from not just friends and families but also strangers. Some do it…… Continue reading ♥ All About Engagement Rings ♥

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♥ #BlissfulFinds : Keeping My Children Healthy ♥

I was reviewing our finances the other day and I wondered how come we spent too much this year. Well, I did give birth to our beautiful daughter, baby V. After that, we spent for her baptismal celebration. And, although she has been given generously with monetary gifts or “pakimkim”, I saved them intact in…… Continue reading ♥ #BlissfulFinds : Keeping My Children Healthy ♥

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♥ Bye, Bye, Bags! ♥

After three children in a span of six years, my body and style, or rather preferences, because I really do not have a style (yet) have drastically changed. Along with my new mom bod is the need to accept that there is no going back to my pre-pregnancy body, not anytime soon at least. So,…… Continue reading ♥ Bye, Bye, Bags! ♥

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♥ #MamaFinds : Buying Food Online ♥

There are so many things I want to post here, like, my next #BlissfulGiveaways (a SaYa baby carrier which is being queried in my inactive online shop at least 3x a day), the rekindled craze for essential oils, the new Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) department order requiring “standing breaks” for sedentary workers (like…… Continue reading ♥ #MamaFinds : Buying Food Online ♥