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Let’s Talk About the Mental Health of Our Children

Most of us were shocked and still in disbelief of what has been in the news weeks ago about the deaths of two prominent personalities, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. God bless their souls. Kate Spade is, as you and I know, the woman behind the Kate Spade fashion brand which bags are adored for…… Continue reading Let’s Talk About the Mental Health of Our Children

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♥ Hypertension After The Third Pregnancy ♥

After giving birth for the third time, I began having frequent headaches and dizziness. So, I borrowed my parents’ wrist watch blood pressure and voila! 145/100 I am officially hypertensive. Okay, not so quick. The next workday, I consulted our occupational doctor. According to the good doctor, being hypertensive is common after the third pregnancy…… Continue reading ♥ Hypertension After The Third Pregnancy ♥

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♥ Must-have Jewelries for Women ♥

I have several items on my bucket and most involve adventures and travel, both of which are an impossibility if you are a mommy of three young children who are still under the age of five with no yaya/househelp. Well, that’s reality — my reality! And, that’s okay. I honestly believe that there is a…… Continue reading ♥ Must-have Jewelries for Women ♥

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♥ I Cried Over My CS Delivery ♥

It has been almost three weeks since I gave birth to baby Raine. Briefly, let me tell you how it happened. I took an early break from work starting Holy Monday so I won’t be stressed and in the hope of delaying giving birth at least until Easter Sunday, the day my OB would be…… Continue reading ♥ I Cried Over My CS Delivery ♥

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♥ The Postpartum Struggle is Real ♥

Every new mother would agree with me if I say that the first three nights taking care of a newborn is the hardest. You’re still exhausted and probably still in pain from labor and/or operation and you’re hungry yet cannot eat and you’re most likely sleepy. Not to mention, you probably dread your physical appearance…… Continue reading ♥ The Postpartum Struggle is Real ♥

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♥ Most Affordable Health Cards in the Philippines ♥

Due to feedbacks and queries I’ve been getting regarding the Health Cards in my previous post which was more centered in my gratitude list, I’ve decided to just create a separate post which would only tackle the most affordable health cards in the Philippines. First of all, let me clarify that the health cards in…… Continue reading ♥ Most Affordable Health Cards in the Philippines ♥

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♥ Collagen Wonders ♥

One thing I’m thankful for about my parents’ genes, especially my mom’s is my skin’s resistance to pimples/acne. It was never my big problem even during puberty. I only get zits whenever I’m stressed or hormonal but only very minimal. Although very minimal,  I still find it hard to concentrate on what I’m doing whenever…… Continue reading ♥ Collagen Wonders ♥

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♥ Natural Dandruff Solutions ♥

Hi everyone, how’s the SONA going? I’ll just reserve my comments for a while. For 4 days, we had a visitor from Australia (a Pinay and her son) who had lived there for 13 years. The duo is so cool, inspiring and eye-pleasing. It was fun having them. And, yesterday was a big day for…… Continue reading ♥ Natural Dandruff Solutions ♥

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♥ BEERy Healthy ♥

Happy Hour, folks! Wait. Stop. Before the next “round” you may want to read first some inspirations. Ready or not, it’s below: Why Drink a Beer? | Beer Benefits | Healthy Beer Prevents Cancer – Most beers contain Xanthohumol, a prenylflavonoid which is good because it has shown to have potential promise in preventing prostate…… Continue reading ♥ BEERy Healthy ♥