Project: Full Life

♥ De-cluttering My Way To A Big Life ♥

In a few months time or by the end of this year at the very least I’m gonna have a small reading/writing/crafting nook in our townhouse somewhere in the South. And I say this with finality! I am so excited to fix and furnish this portion of our house. Though tiny, I will most certainly love spending “me-times” here, at the comfort and convenience of our own walls. The thing is, I got too many stuff and tucking them all in my tiny space would be a great GREAT challenge. I see this too as a golden opportunity to practice living with less, a lot less! Moving in is like starting all over again. You get the chance to decide what stays and what nots. You get to choose the for keeps and for garbage. It’s also a window for some random act of kindness and charity. Remember, your trash or excess may be someone else’s greatest blessing. So, I gotta seize this opportunity to detach myself from old auras, let go of negative vibes and be free to attract and welcome new blessings and positive energies. I gotta seize this chance to do good, to share and to be a channel of God’s graces.

I feel like documenting this phase of my adult life, choosing what are ins and what are outs to my new home – new life. Yes, I highly associate this burning desire to have less yet richer life to maturity tagged along by adulthood. Unlike when I was younger and immature when every knick-knack is a matter of life and death. I also think that having tried to migrate once, living abroad for almost a year, renting an apartment and going home to 3 places in a week contributed big time in convincing myself or rather realizing that I could live happy, content and useful less any material possession that I own right now. They do not define me or my past, my present, my future, my happiness and my life. I have them for a purpose and I should use them as such.

Moving on, to achieve a desirable end result for this mini quest, I will need a help from a Pro and I choose only the best of course, Ms. Stacey Crew.

Crew is an organizing guru who developed the popular GOPACK Method which means, Group Object, Purge, Assign, Contain and Keep it Up. She was a co-host of Clean House providing organizing and decluttering solutions. She is the author of the book, The Organized Mom: Simplify Life for You and Baby One Step at a Time, which is considered as an organizing bible. Crew maintains a blog called, My Organized Lifestyle (

Print Screen of Crew’s neat website.

Yes, I’m lucky enough to score her book at BookSale!

This Stacey lady surely knows not just the hows but the art and science of decluttering and organizing.

Truly this time around I am very devoted to this declutter-donate-organize-store agenda of mine. Gonna do whatever it takes, for a clutter-free, less worries, well-organized and pro-charity BIG LIFE! 

I have also thought of a few useful tips when trying to achieve a SIMPLE LIVING thru Decluttering, hope they help!:

1.) Trust your instinct. They are usually right. Doing what comes up your mind first is empowering and a good confidence-builder.

2.) Use your head rather than your heart. Don’t be sentimental. Schedule this task at your most logical, radical and liberal time. 

3.) Play rock or pop music instead of love songs.

4.) Post in BOLD PRINT your personally chosen mantra e.g. LIVE LESS. MORE FUN. BIG LIFE. SIMPLE=HAPPINESS. LESSER BUT RICHER.

5.) Visually entice your interest and have photo for inspiration.

6.) Be ready. You’ll need boxes, markers, tapes, labels, garbage bags and rags.

7.) Don’t try to be a superwoman and multi-task. Start organizing only what you can finish for your allotted time, say within the day.

8.) Take pictures. Best works for the things you love but don’t and will never use anymore. It’s easier to let go if you have a picture of them.

9.) Store. Do not hide them or else they won’t serve their purpose. It’s better to throw or give them away than just to hide them in your closet.

10.) Good storage is easily accessible.

11.) Try to watch a good light movie beforehand with the same theme to get you up in the mood or watch lifestyle channel if you subscribe on a cable. I used to love watching “Clean House”. 

12.) Prepare a game plan, preferably in a written form. This is no easy feat so a good planning is a must to conquer this seemingly impossible task. A checklist is equally nice and useful.

If it’s hard to let go of something, it must have really brought you so much joy, just imagine how much joy it could give others too or how great would be its new replacement in your life. If they brought you otherwise, the more you have to let them go to forget and move on. Along with my age comes this realization that dependence on material things will lead to nowhere, not happiness, not completeness, not fulfillment. While letting go of material possessions and letting God take over will empty necessary spaces for our lives to be richer and be filled with plenty beautiful blessings.

To prove to my self (and to you too) how dead-serious I’m truly am, to inspire me even more in the challenging days ahead and to remind me of my mini ‘vow’, allow me to show here my first set of “THROWS”. 

Back Issues of Magazines

PS. At one point in my life, these stuff were very important to me. They once meant so much to me. But I guess, they already served their purpose in my life and they have served me well. It’s time to let them go to find new owners or to take a rest on earth and for me to move on and have more space for a greater, brighter and bigger life.

In the meantime, my eyes are glued to these room inspirations (all found in google):

I always fantasize about reading books beside  a white large window.

Who woudn’t be inspired by this nook?

This is ideal for me and my husband! 🙂

I am in love with dainties! Imagine a nicely upholstered, customized chair! Hay.

I’m looking forward to the day when instead of saying “my life is a big mess”, I’ll say, My Life is Big! I feel it won’t be too long before I could speak that.


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