♥ Vitamins Galore ♥

I am guilty of the crime ‘SO_DAMN_LAZY_TO_TAKE_VITAMINS’! That is I know, so bad since prevention is better than cure {definitely, eh?}. Ideally, I would like to take Vitamin C every morning and Vitamin E every night; 3-4 times of Calcium in a week and 2-3 times of fish oil (for the heart) in a week too. But, I’m too lazy. {No plausible excuse} Now, I know why it is such a sin!


But I’m fully aware that I’m already aging [a bit!] and with the current status of our environment [ big RED ALERT], I/we have to take care of myself/ourselves in an extra special way. May it be in the form of regular check-ups, an HMO, an insurance or the most important thing of all – exercising a healthy lifestyle. Taking vitamins and dietary supplements that are proven to help can also be taken into consideration and I take that into my consideration! 🙂


My new friends in life – which I’d be expecting to help me attain my goal, A GOOD HEALTH…

A big bottle of Fish Oil  supplements for the heart [which I will be sharing with my parents since their doctors prescribed them such] and a big jar of Vitamin E for my skin.

Both came from my ever supportive BF!

The Promises:

Vitamin E helps maintain and support:

* healthy immune function

* healthy brain function

* eye health

* skin health

* antioxidant protection


Fish Oil helps maintain and support:

* joint health

* brain health

* heart health

* skin health


I better start taking one everyday than be sorry later. Vitamin E on my palm and Fish Oil inset.

They’re nice to look at, I just hope I always get to remember taking them. 🙂


It would be advisable if you could first consult a doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins. 😉 Let’s spare ourselves and our loved ones with tedious and expensive health problems and take some initiative on our own to prevent such concerns from happening! How’s your loooong weekend? I hope you’re enjoying while being safe and healthy.


As Always,

The ChocnutMuncher

P.S. I love weekends: Movie Marathon – Don’t Look Up {b horror} and SALT {wow}


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