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♥ Discovering Studio Ghibli ♥

One thing I can greatly and vividly remember from my childhood years is my fascination to Japanese animations. Some of which are, Thunder Jet, Ghost Fighter and Samurai X.

That’s why I never thought I’d miss Studio Ghibli’s films. Thankfully, it was introduced to me by BF and the first movie that captured my whole heart is Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

(Click the picture for the trailer c/o youtube)

A story of young girl who was lost in a world dominated by spirits, some good, some bad. Using her mind and heart, she must save her parents from a spell and that one person she cares so much for. Will she succeed? Find out how and enjoy this young girl’s journey.

After watching Spirited Away, I asked BF to recommend another Miyazaki’s film and he first suggested a Drama one which I did not feel like watching at that time (the genre).

His second choice was, Howl’s Moving Castle. From the title itself which sounds so magical I easily got excited to watch it and it’s available online. How lucky. Like the Spirited Away, it’s IMDB rating is up above 8!

{click the photo to watch trailer from youtube}

Howl is a sorcerer whose heart was stolen by the devil. If the spell cannot be broken, he will turn himself into a monster. A lady who herself was under a spell is trying to help him. Will Sophie find a way to help Howl and herself ? This a truly magical movie. Will love be a factor for breaking the spells, just like most Disney’s movies? After all, Love is magic.

Grave of the Fireflies was my BF’s first choice however he warned me that it is a very sad/depressing movie that’s why I refused. Up to now, I haven’t watched it yet ‘coz I’m afraid to. Yeah, the trailer itself, in a Japanese language at that, made me cry! {click the photo for the trailer c/o youtube }. I’m still looking for the perfect time to watch this film, making sure it won’t make me sad.

Film was set in a post-war period. Two children lost their parents during war. Since then the older brother takes care of his younger sister. They tried to survive in the midst of widespread famine. The ending is very touching. Sad but redeeming. I guess, I’m going to cry harder for this one than how I did in  ‘A Dog of Flanders’.

I haven’t watched it yet [I repeat] but I think, this is the greatest film I will never watch again. I’m preparing for this movie as of this writing but merely telling/writing about it makes me teary-eyed. =(

Are you also a fan of Studio Ghibli? Hayao Miyazaki? Animated Films? I suddenly remember UP, but I guess it’s just an appetizer. 🙂

Have a good Tuesday PressWorld.

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3 thoughts on “♥ Discovering Studio Ghibli ♥

  1. Laputa: Castle In The Sky is my favourite Ghibli movie, and definitely one to put on your list.

    My Neighbour Totoro is a must as well, as it's the sweetest and happiest magical 80 mins or so you could ask for.

    Princess Mononoke is also well worth checking out.


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