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♥ “Tuesdays are for my MORRIES” ♥

Tuesday… and I want, and probably need, to have a meaningful conversation with someone like Morrie! The whole day I was bombarded with papers, persons to talk to and travels to process that I can barely feel my soul anymore. hayz…

The most natural thing or me during these dreadful times is to head straight to one of the best places on earth, where else but on a bookstore! [libraries too!] p.s. I acknowledge e-books but there are just some reading materials worth having in hardbounds or paperbacks. And my favorite bookstore is, BOOKSALE! Why not?! The books are cheap and unique. Our shopping skills especially sale hunting would be honed! =) There is this joy when you buy one good find. It’s really like treasure hunting, if you know what I mean.

And now… my new treasures…

* image from *

This contains trivia about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about women. Our views on shopping, clothing and cosmetics, marriage and children, food, sex, and pets, along with some notable points about celebrities an heroines.

Quoting from the book…

Fifty-seven percent of women would rather shop than have sex.

Men accompanying their wives shopping experience the same stress level of fighter pilots facing a dangerous situation.


* a novel, image from google *

The book is about Cyd Charisse who moved to New York after high school to go to culinary school while sharing an apartment with her half-brother. Sad to say, things do not go as she planned & expected it to be. Cyd breaks a leg almost immediately upon arrival, and it takes awhile for her to get her life going in a direction she likes. A lot more juicy happenings come into her life in New York while in search for the perfect cupcake!

I am darn excited to read these books! Oh please spare me some time! I was thinking actually to reserve and devote my Tuesdays to my beloved books. That way, I’ll feel like having talked to a Morrie and ultimately I’ll be intouch againg with my spirit within.

How about you, any good reading lately? Have a sweet sleep… a’ight!?

All the Love in the World,

Miss Sachi


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