♥ You Beach! ♥

It’s Sunday night & tomorrow we will all be hitting our works but here I am very giddy to make a quick post to share my summer happenings last weekend. =p

Sure, I love the beach and I never fail to fall in love, over and over again with sunsets, big, orange-y & fire-y! And the one music that truly calms my nerves and recharges my depleted energy is the sound of waves splashing the shore. hays… That’d make my Life a Perfect one!

So, I decided to hit Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. It was my first time actually. I’ve been hearing not quite good stories about it but I decided to give it a chance anyway. Truth is, it was tagged as CHEAP BORA [Boracay]!

Honest to goodness, the travel is what makes the experience quite tiring and regretful. I mean, Batangas Pier will give you a mala-TITANIC experience [during summer / peak season, I guess]. You would have to save yourself a seat or else you’ll never get a ride! They do not give numbers, so no queue would be useful. And it ain’t like Bora that the boats are just waiting & are just traveling 80 mins. back and forth, in Galera they travel for three hours/roundtrip or Galera-Batangas-Galera. Believe it or not, I was backing out already, it’s just my friend who stopped me.

Good thing is that, Puerto Galera, particularly the White Beach itself, does not disappoint me at all. True, it’s far from BORACAY but, Galera has its own beauty & aura! It has a relaxing enviro, though the food are all inihaws. The water is good [no itch], the sand however is not that fine. There are lots of rocks scattered both in the shore and the seafloor, good thing they do not hurt the feet. Accommodations are quite costly but good. In ours, we had a very big mango tree & we just help ourselves to its fruits, for free! [thought nothing is free anymore].

Overall, I was able to relax, calm and recharged myself. I’m glad I went there. Going back? I am not really sure, the boat ride seemed to be forever! But definitely, I had a wonderful summer luvin’ in Galera! Not to forget, Galera has one hell of great, great SUNSET that you will surely fall in love with! Also, they sell very nice accessories!

[ from Buendia to Batangas Pier : 170.00 pesos, roundtrip boatride / Batangas Pier – Galera – Batangas Pier: 450.00 pesos, accommodations: 2,000.00 – 3,000.00 pesos, meals: 100.00 – 200.00 pesos, accessories: 35.00 – 150.00 pesos]

Enjoy the rest of the summer & have a good sLeep! muah!

Miss Sachi


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