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Review: Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

On Fridays like this, you’d be able to see a more personal note from me. I plan to publish on my blog my thoughts (probably random but hopefully inspirational), advocacies, experiences, and everything else not about motherhood and money. This Friday, I was supposed to publish my “Best of 2018” but I decided to delay…… Continue reading Review: Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

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Dear Self at Twenty-One

As part of tidying-up my blog this year, I plan to set aside Wednesdays for #MoneyBliss stories which include money matters, personal and family finances, and other work-related topics. As a parent, one of my goals is to teach my kids early in life how to live or survive – literally – afford themselves the…… Continue reading Dear Self at Twenty-One

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How a Bee Saved the Holidays?

To set a little order in my humble e-home this 2019, I will (try to) set aside Mondays for topics about family life. Family life includes parenting tips and tricks, child issues, mommy hacks, mom finds, marital bliss and the joys and challenges of parenthood. For the pilot post, I want to share with you…… Continue reading How a Bee Saved the Holidays?

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Many Merry Gifts for Christmas

Gift-giving is one Christmas tradition everyone seems to look forward to. It doesn’t matter how much one’s budget is, or none at all, we all just like to give or share something with others especially with our loved ones. There were times during my childhood when my dad was in and out of work. But,…… Continue reading Many Merry Gifts for Christmas

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Preparation for a Meaningful Christmas for Kids

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas – once nothing but a joyful season has become a rushed, intense and exhausting time as I grew older. It is not Christmas’ fault. I know that. It’s people’s perception of celebration, expectations, and superficiality. When I was in college, I used to strive to complete all nine mornings at three in…… Continue reading Preparation for a Meaningful Christmas for Kids

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#TravelBliss | Prado Farms: The Perfect Place for a Quick Retreat If there is one thing in my pre-mamahood life that I terribly miss, it would be my travels, yes, even more than my pre-pregnancy body! I used to hoard airline tickets on sale, albeit local only. And every time I get stressed out, I would just open my drawer and see all these tickets…… Continue reading #TravelBliss | Prado Farms: The Perfect Place for a Quick Retreat

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#InMy30s A Mom’s Birthday Reflection

Seven years ago, I named this blog Blissful Thoughts out of my wedding bliss. While most of my posts (especially the recent ones) were essentially blissful, there were still some which weren’t. That’s life if you’d ask me, in its authentic picture, with all its pain and glory. Not everything and not every day is…… Continue reading #InMy30s A Mom’s Birthday Reflection

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What Do Children’s Young Minds Remember?

In a few days, I will be a year older. And, in a few more days, a new year will come. Time is reallllly fleeting! O.M.G! I have three young children who I stared at over the last long weekend and boy how I got sentimental. Too senti I caught myself teary-eyed. I could not…… Continue reading What Do Children’s Young Minds Remember?

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Safety Tips for Online Shopping

I never fail to amaze people when it comes to my practice of e-commerce. I buy almost everything online and I transact online without fear. I purchase clothes, groceries, tickets, services, takeaway food including special cakes, stocks and investments ALL online. Sometimes, it worries me na nga eh, how heavily I rely on our e-commerce…… Continue reading Safety Tips for Online Shopping

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Streaming is Life!

I found a new way of enjoying a couple of hours of me-time – media streaming! Technically, streaming is (receiving) content sent over the internet in compressed form and is displayed real-time. That way, the recipient or viewer/user need not download a file to play it since the file is sent in a continuous stream…… Continue reading Streaming is Life!